Monday, June 1, 2015

Must play Monday!!!

Today is the first edition of must play monday!! Every Monday i will recommend a game that i believe is a must play some of these games may be old while some new this is my opinion so if you don't like the game pardon my french but blow me its a free country lol so without further ado my choice for the inaugural Must Play Monday is..............................the PS4 gem BLOODBORNE!!!!!
This game came out in late March 2015 and is easily one of the years best and definitely the best PS4 exclusive in my humble opinion. Bloodborne is the third title in the "Souls" series of games for those of you unfamiliar the souls games are Japans From Softwares brilliantly designed and brutally difficult series of action rpg's all are brilliant and are considered must plays by most gaming aficionados and i have to agree although ive yet to play the first in the series Demons Souls on ps3 i've played Dark Souls 1 and 2 and both are fantastic additions to any hardcore gamers library now this isnt a review its a recommendation but its hard not to ramble on about how great the world design is,or how terrifying yet somewhat beautiful the harsh blood soaked world of Bloodborne is,or the best part in my opinion the pure bliss you feel when you finally conquer that boss that's been whoopin your ass for 2 hours straight all of these things combined with addicting role playing and satisfying combat make for a must play title for any fan of action rpgs or just games in general its definitely not for everyone but if you want a brutally challenging game that makes you feel like a king after every inch of progress i heartily recommend this game and as you know im not a fan of today's standard of content seen in games this game offers a staggering amount of replayability be it from new game plus or the randomly generated chalice dungeons this game oozes content and begs to be replayed many times over for a full detailed review i recommend Gametrailers review on youtube so Happy Monday and PLAY BLOODBORNE!!! See ya tomorrow for Trailer Tuesday....bitches.