Monday, June 1, 2015

Must play Monday!!!

Today is the first edition of must play monday!! Every Monday i will recommend a game that i believe is a must play some of these games may be old while some new this is my opinion so if you don't like the game pardon my french but blow me its a free country lol so without further ado my choice for the inaugural Must Play Monday is..............................the PS4 gem BLOODBORNE!!!!!
This game came out in late March 2015 and is easily one of the years best and definitely the best PS4 exclusive in my humble opinion. Bloodborne is the third title in the "Souls" series of games for those of you unfamiliar the souls games are Japans From Softwares brilliantly designed and brutally difficult series of action rpg's all are brilliant and are considered must plays by most gaming aficionados and i have to agree although ive yet to play the first in the series Demons Souls on ps3 i've played Dark Souls 1 and 2 and both are fantastic additions to any hardcore gamers library now this isnt a review its a recommendation but its hard not to ramble on about how great the world design is,or how terrifying yet somewhat beautiful the harsh blood soaked world of Bloodborne is,or the best part in my opinion the pure bliss you feel when you finally conquer that boss that's been whoopin your ass for 2 hours straight all of these things combined with addicting role playing and satisfying combat make for a must play title for any fan of action rpgs or just games in general its definitely not for everyone but if you want a brutally challenging game that makes you feel like a king after every inch of progress i heartily recommend this game and as you know im not a fan of today's standard of content seen in games this game offers a staggering amount of replayability be it from new game plus or the randomly generated chalice dungeons this game oozes content and begs to be replayed many times over for a full detailed review i recommend Gametrailers review on youtube so Happy Monday and PLAY BLOODBORNE!!! See ya tomorrow for Trailer Tuesday....bitches.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Still haven't been as stoked for a movie like i was when i saw this trailer though just sayin.....ITS MORPHIN TIME!!

Trailer Tuesday!!!

Today i have decided to make Tuesdays all about trailers for upcoming games and movies so with no further ado the inaugural trailer for Trailer Tuesday is of course the mega hyped conclusion to Rocksteady's amazing Arkham trilogy and along with the rest of the galaxy i am to stoked for this fucking game its shaping up to be one of the best games of the year not to mention the best Batman game we could ever dream up so cheers Batman! here's to only being a few weeks out from kickin ass up and down Gotham city and of course THE BATMOBILE!!!!!! can ya tell im stoked? I definitely recommend this game be on your must buy list if you have a next gen console especially since Rocksteady studios have already proven they can make kickass Batman games add that with next gen tech and an epic trilogy concluding story i think Christopher Nolan should take notes just sayin... ENJOY!!

Monday, May 25, 2015


                               The truth must be known!!

One of those i dont feel like it days

Would much rather play The Witcher instead....

DLC Sucks balls!!!

Over the last couple years an ugly monster called DLC and in game purchases have become a bigger and bigger issue among gamers.what started off as spending a few bucks on weapon camos and frivolous cosmetic upgrades has turned into pure and utter evil capitalist BULLSHIT by forcing gamers to fork over insane amounts of cash just to experience the full content of the game a lot of the times forcing them to purchase an unproven game months before release just to get their hands on "pre order bonuses" it sucks. For example i am a die hard fighting game fan so when MKX was announced i was too stoked for words every bit of gameplay and fatality trailers shown i drooled over and the rumors going around on who the guest characters were kept the hype alive so when i finally got my grubby paws on that game i was lost in a world of  Kombat that i couldn't get enough of that is until the dreaded Kombat pack. After a week of playing MK relentlessly the itch for more skins and characters consumed me and i contemplated the idea of forking over the 30$ for the kombat pack so i could get Jason on release and of course motherfuckin predator!! So i bought it under the impression i just locked in every skin and character upon release....i was wrong, The first thing i noticed was no goro even though i spent 95$ in total at this point since i didn't pre order i still have to purchase goro for 5 bucks which is crazy and to top it all of there are skin packs that aren't included in Kombat pack so you still have to purchase MORE to get all the content i would have to spend 105$ as of now to get all MKX has offer that is just fucking nuts. I love the game i play it every day and the DLC issue aside its a great value base game wise but the DLC choices by either Netherrealm or WB games leaves a bad taste in my mouth and it makes the future of gaming look very grim for the average income gamer. On the reverse side of that coin are games like The Witcher 3 which offers hundreds and hundreds of hours of content in just the base game alone requiring no purchases to enjoy the game in its entirety as well as an expansion pass that only adds to your adventures months down the road and is in no way vital to your playthrough which is the way it should be i have no problem with offering gamers DLC to add to there games and fun but i do have a problem with constantly being harassed about season passes and pre order bonuses shits wack and needs to stop but i have sinking suspicion it aint goin nowhere anytime soon LAAAAAAAAAAAAAME

Sunday, May 24, 2015


This is my first time doing anything of this nature so i just wanted to say welcome and i cant wait to get started on this blogtastic adventure!! Any and all who have stopped at my humble blog you rock!! especially since it kinda sucks right now haha im still figuring this stuff out but i promise ill try to keep posts coming as often as i can and please comment and tell me things you want like games or movies you'd like me to talk about or changes you'd like to see and again thanks for stopping by!!